Couple kisses after Downtown Frederick Elopement
Downtown Frederick Elopement
Couples' first kiss Downtown Frederick Elopement
Downtown Frederick Elopement
Couple looking at camera after courthouse elopement

Liz and Ed scheduled their downtown Frederick elopement on my birthday in February of 2022. 

I was planning on spending my birthday with my family and an Irish coffee or two. Then Liz and Ed asked if I’d shoot their elopement. Obviously, I said yes. How could I skip something so cool?

As a Frederick native you’d think I’d be kind of over all the parts of downtown Frederick I’ve seen a million times, but when I say I always have a million ideas for downtown Frederick weddings, I mean it.

My mind immediately went to dozens of locations, but the weather was slightly limiting. It was February, after all. 

Couple walks across street after Downtown Frederick Elopement

Now, I know I just mentioned the weather was limiting, but it’s not like it was freezing cold. Sure it was cold. But it was definitely warm enough for me to find a good vantage point, have Liz and Ed wait for traffic to clear, and get a really unique shot from a parking garage of them leaving the courthouse on their way to get some more photos.

As much as I love capturing this moment in time, I think it’s also especially important to make sure a photo is as timeless as possible. As we walked past The Weinberg I knew I wanted to shoot a moment of the two of them under the marquee, although I think we can all agree COVID is something we’d like to leave in the 2020’s. I used a filter and artfully hid the parts of the signage I didn’t want to see. Not that the theater doesn’t deserve to show off what they were promoting, but for Liz and Ed, I thought it was best to keep it classy.

Couple walks past Weinberg marquee after downtown Frederick elopement
Downtown Frederick Elopement

Long story short;

Frederick Elopement

This was an unforgettable day.

Memorable, sweet, and unique. After lunch at Lucky Corner, we called it a day, and I sent Liz and Ed on their way.

It’s not every day I get to shoot a downtown Frederick Elopement, but when I do, I really enjoy my day.

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