Hey. I'm Sean.

18 year old me would have never expected to become a wedding photographer. I was too busy shooting photos of bands and street signs. Lucky for me (and you!) I find a lot of joy in capturing your joy. We might not be able to stop time, but I’m able to capture a moment and that is something I take great pride in being able to do.

I consider myself very fortunate to get to be a part of your biggest day. Being a photographer has afforded me the opportunity to be there for my own family’s biggest moments as well and that’s something I couldn’t be more thankful for. When I’m at home and get the chance to do my own thing, you can usually find me watching hockey or playing guitar. More often than not, though, I’m watching Frozen for the trillionth time with my daughters. You could say I’m a man of great variety.

What Do I Offer?

Your big day – start to finish. Fully customizable collections starting at $3000.

For the quieter, more intimate days. Elopement packages starting at $1600.

One kid? Two kids? Three kids? Cousins too? Parents, grandparents, extended family? Let’s do it. Family packages starting at $500.

Speaking from experience, it’s really sweet to have photos to remember the glow and the little details of the first few weeks with your newest addition. M&N packages from $700.

Want some more natural and environmental photos? These work for individuals and couples alike. Sessions starting at $500.


Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely. I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of different places in my life and I am always down to see something new. Travel fees are added for anything over 50 miles from Frederick, MD. 

Every wedding package I offer includes an engagement session and at least 6 hours of coverage. I’m shooting almost constantly that entire time and I don’t put a specific limit how many photos I deliver. Albums and prints are always available as well!

All my elopement packages include at least 4 hours of coverage and I have the same mentality with elopements as I do with big weddings. You get as many photos as I can shoot and edit and that’s that.

For engagement sessions, about two weeks. For weddings, on average, about 8 weeks. That timeframe can go up to 10-12 weeks during the busy months (October, for example). 

I deliver a sneak peek gallery within 48 hours though so you will always have a handful of the most important moments shortly after your wedding so you can share them and relive that first kiss over and over again.

Short version: as many as possible.

Long version: at least 50 photos per hour. That doesn’t necessarily mean at least 50 photos from each hour, but let’s say you book an 8 hour wedding. You’ll receive at least 400 photos.

In the interest of transparency, I almost always overdeliver on that promise. I’m a big proponent of telling a full story of your day and that usually means taking lots and lots of photos.

For the majority of weddings, yes. I’ve never missed anything important on my own, but I avoid the possibility at all costs

Plus, if you and your partner are getting ready in different locations, I just can’t be in two places at once!

No. It’s not that they’re “bad” photos before they’re edited, but they’re not what you expect them to look like either. RAW photos are flat and are meant to be adjusted. There’s no vivid color, there’s no flattering contrast, and they’re far from what you’d expect out of a professional photographer and in order to make sure I’m delivering you the highest possible quality, I only deliver edited and finished photos.

Since the beginning of my wedding photography journey I’ve seen it all. Hilarious best-man speeches. Couples reading their vows with tears streaming down their faces. The occasional reception where a guest has just one too many. Even when there’s a hiccup or two, couples always find the joy and love in their days. And that’s where I love to be – with couples like you who are down to earth and ready to have a good time.

If you’ve read this far, I appreciate your interest in who I am as well as how my photos look. If you think we’d get along for 8 hours or so on your wedding day, I’d love to hear from you. You can follow me on Instagram or use the contact form below to get in touch for more details about my work.