A Unique Pennsylvania Farm Engagement Session

Lexi and Carville are a shining example of a couple who is down for just about anything. A week before our engagement session, I texted Lexi and asked what they thought about potentially shooting in the rain. The forecast didn’t look great. She said storms tend to go around their farm because of the way it’s situated around the mountains and hills of southern Pennsylvania. 

When I got there with my assistant Hayley, they were spot on with that assumption. We started shooting and Lexi and Carville drove us down to this beautiful creek they have on their property. This creek was complete with a beautiful rock formation, trees that let sun shine down through them, and plenty of interesting foliage on the ground.

The Creek

When I said they’re down for anything, I meant it. They’re down to get their feet wet and run through creeks if they have to. In fact, they were excited to do it. It’s not like the creek was deep or anything but their adventurous side shined through. They were ready to have some fun in these photos.

After we shot plenty of photos by the creek, we walked back up to the car which was parked next to their lush green bean field. At the center of the field was a single massive tree. I shot a double exposure using the tree to blend into their faces. This is my favorite creative way to tie their beautiful home into them and their photos. 

The Corn, The Rain, and The Monsoon

About 30 minutes into this already adventurous engagement session, the true adventure kicks in. Carville is a proud farmer and loves his corn (which is thriving this year!). We shot some really fun photos in the cornfield when, all of a sudden, the rain started falling. I covered my gear and we finished up and got ready to attempt a classic clear-umbrella-in-the-rain shot. What we didn’t expect is that it wasn’t going to just rain. The sky unleashed a monsoon on us to the point that we abandoned the shoot altogether and ran for cover. I was nervous that my camera gear had some water damage but Canon takes such special care to weather proof their cameras that I quickly realized it was no big deal whatsoever.

An Engagement Session To Remember

While we didn’t get to finish every photo we had planned, we got a really special session filled with unique moments that really tell a story about the two of them. They’re a fun-loving and hard-working couple who loves each other and is clearly ready for the next step in their lives. 

Next stop: a beautiful fall wedding in 2023.

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