Adam & Katrina's Wedding At
Green Meadows Farm, Frederick, MD

When it comes to photography, barns can be admittedly a little tough for us. A lot rests on the decor and Adam and Katrina had it absolutely locked down. Their indoor barn wedding at Green Meadows Petting Farm looked immaculate. The string lights and hay bails made it feel like such a welcoming environment. The spaces between the boards, too. Just so many little touches that made it feel like something straight from a movie.

They were able to bring along their elder dog and do their first look with the rest of their crew of dogs at home, right down the road. Adam gifted Katrina a pendant with a photo of their dogs in it and you can just feel her excitement when you see the look on her face when she looked through to see. Everything, right down to their incredible mix of music (from Metallica to T Swift) was well thought out and executed. Even the little kids got to have the time of their lives.