Jordan & Soren's Wedding in
Cacapon State Park, Berkely Springs, WV

I’ve actually known Jordan and Soren for quite a long time. I met both of them through art and music in very different ways. I met Jordan in high school and Soren years later, well after Jordan had moved to Richmond. Even though they lived in different cities and had different plans, they knew once they met that they had something special and they had to explore exactly what it was. When they asked me to shoot their wedding I knew right off the bat that I had to say yes, no matter what the details were. Once they went over the details with me I was even more excited. They had their wedding at the Cacapon Resort in the town they bought their first home in, Berkely Springs, WV.

Foregoing a few of the more traditional wedding rituals, they turned their day into their day. From the light spilling in directly on them for their first kiss to choosing the best possible friend to officiate (an English major who is just as sentimental in his writing as Jordan and Soren are) to wearing a vintage floral dress instead of a pristine white dress, each touch was theirs and only theirs. Scroll to see some of the highlights from the day and take in how beautiful every little thing was.

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